Monday, 20 September 2010

Trail Of Crimson - Done!

We wrapped on the short film 'Trail Of Crimson' yesterday and managed to shoot everything the director wanted. For just a 9 page film with 8 scenes we got thru over 140 slates and up to 30 shots per scene at times. I'm sure that the director has more than enough coverage and that half the shots probably wont get used.

I've managed to clock up over 70 hours over the last 7 days of shooting and I'm knackered.

The director and DOp were concerned that we wouldnt get all the shots in the 7 days, but I assured them I could get it done and I did. I'm pretty happy with that to be honest.

Just need to wait for the film to be edited and then we can see the fruits of our labour.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Mate's Rates

I cannot seem to find the time to actually write this bloody script. ive been on one film, then work, then my msuic video, then work, then flu, then work - until this sunday and monday and i had so many little jobs to do i got on witht hem. ive now taken a pass at my outline and its good enoug to write. now to find the time to do so. back in work 2moro, wed, fri and sat - i need at least 2 days to write it tho. hoping i can get wed off work and dedicate 2 days to getting a rough draft done.

hopefully this is the script that can get me work, maybe an agent and if im very lucky maybe even sell it. so it should be a bloody priority. i need to get my arse in gear.

Trail Of Crimson

I met with Vicki, the writer/director of Trail Of Crimson, on sunday in the studios. the set is coming along slowly but surely and i think tis gonna look good. vicki has a clear vision of the world she wants to create and i think it will make a great little film. we start shooting on monday for 7 days and im itching to get on set and do what i do.