Friday, 28 May 2010

Branch Manager of mobile phone retailer commits mass murder and then turns the gun on himself!

That could very well be the headline in the South Wales Echo 2moro if I dont get out of this shop. I can feel it sucking the life out of me. Ive got better things to do with my day than sell mobile phones to every arse and idiot in Cardiff. I could be developing my 6 part comedy drama TV serial. I could be doing pre production work for the Newport County Music Festival documentary Im writing and presenting on Sunday. Or i could just be sat at home in my under pants watching cricket. Anything would be more productive than being here.

Im trying to get my article on identity in the media industry finished for, but cannot muster the drive to do so. Watching the clock tick by I am occasionally checking facebook, and more precisely my new group 'I'm sorry, but you've Lost me?' The idea was to set it up and see if I can gather the thoughts and frustrations of as many Lost fans as possible after watching the final episode and knowing less about the island than i did before I watched it. Everything will be explained. My arse! Once I've gathered a load of rants on my group page Im going to turn my had to writing an article on Lost and how many story strands have not come to fruition, disappeared without explanation or have made absolutely no sense.

Anyway, got to go. I'm trying to formulate a good enough excuse to get out of here early. Is it immoral to claim a grandparent who is already deceased is having medical difficulties and needs my assistance?

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