Thursday, 27 May 2010


Dear boys and girls,

Welcome along to my new filmmaker blog. My name is D.J. Haza and I am a 26 year old aspiring filmmaker from Newport, South Wales. I have a degree in Film and Video from the International Film School, Wales and I am currently studying for my Masters degree in Screenwriting for Film and TV. I have just started a production company, Scratched Print Productions, with three other filmmakers and we are trying to source some work to make names for ourselves. That's me. Enough of the boring stuff.

It's 8.30 PM. I've not long made it home and flung myself onto my settee after watching The Prince of Persia. Typical Bruckheimer/Disney. Entertaining and worth a watch, but not amazing. The best way to describe it is Pirates of Caribbean in the desert. Nice bit of action, a comical side and a not too complicated story. Overall it's worth a watch, but the ending could've been better. ***PLOT SPOILER*** Once the dagger took them back to the point where Dastan found it I thought it could've had a big ending, but it kind of fizzled out. Dastan could've challenged his uncle, there could've been a huge sword fight and Dastan dies at the hand of his uncle.... but, not before he's shown his brothers how to turn back time. They hit the button on the dagger, Dastan comes back to life and the brothers stop their uncle. It seemed a little too easy at the end. The brothers needed little convincing, their uncle went for Dastan without much provocation and one swipe of a dagger by Tus and their uncle was dead. That was it. After the feast of the action we had seen from the start it seemed a little anti-climactic.

I'm now stretched out on the settee watching series 1, episode 2 of The Wire. I've been advised that it is the best TV show ever made and I'm eager to get it all watched and decide for myself. But, it's gonna take a while. But, so far - loving it. The directing is pants, but the characters seem brilliant. complex and flawed individuals. Gonna bang in two eps before bed. I have to drag my backside up for work in the morning unfortunately. The idiots of Cardiff need answers to their idiotic mobile phone related questions. And Im the man with the answers - apparently. I cant bare it any longer. Just over a week and I jack in my management duties and work part time just to cover my bills. I have four months to start making some media industry cash before Im on my arse and eating beans from the tin. Fingers crossed.

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