Monday, 2 August 2010

Brooke Knows Best

Whilst in the gym today that horrific channel Viva was on one of the tvs. On that tv was Brooke Knows Best. For those that don't know what the show is about it is a fly on the wall show following Brooke Hogan as she strikes out on her own, but is seemingly followed constantly by her father - the one and only Hulk Hogan.

Brooke isn't the brightest bulb in the box and Hulk appeRs to not let her make any of her own decisions despite her living on her with a few flatmates near beach in Florida. Hulk pops by. Constantly.

I wasn't interested enough to listen to the audio from the show as the visuals were horrific enough with lots of frowning from Hulk and wide smiles followed by sulking frowns from Brooke.

Today they were at Cape Canaveral doing summat to do with being astronauts. I didn't care why. However, what did capture my attention was the fact that Hulk Hogan, now separated from his wife, has a new girlfriend. And she looks alarmingly like his daughter Brooke. Isn't that a bit weird? A guy in his fifties going out with a lady who's a lot younger than him and a dead ringer for his late teens/early twenties daughter.

This thought perplexed me so much that I questioned why I didn't have anything more intersting to think about.

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