Monday, 9 August 2010

John Bishop's Britain - Episode 2

I wasn't fussed on the previous week's episode as I thought it was a little boring, but this week saw a return to form. Bish explored the world of sport this week and commented on everything from school sports day to professional football.

I love the way Bish uses interviews from normal people and celebrities, mixed with stand up and sketches to take a look at sport in general, but also his own experiences. I was in stitches when he told the story of the first time he took his wife to be back to his parent's house for Sunday dinner - aided by a hilarious sketch. The usual Sunday was Bish, his Dad and his Brother watching the football with his TV in front of the TV with the his sisters and his Mum sat in the kitchen. However, when his Wife to be went to his parents she got her dinner, followed the boys into the living room and sat with them to everyone's shock and awe as Bish's Dad asks him why he's brought home a lesbian. The accompanying sketch of the entire family in 80's tracksuits and with bad hair is the icing on the cake. It has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

Another gem of comedy gold was Bish's story of about the time he attended the manchester 10k run
and on the advice of one of his mates he filled out his expected time as 28 minutes. When he arrived on the day he was given a different colour number to his mates and was pushed to the front next to three Kenyans. It turned out that 28 minutes is regarded as quite a time for 10k and they thought he was an elite athlete. He launched himself off the line full pelt for 100 metres and was then over taken by over 24,000 other runners and a massive chicken.

John Bishop is such a genuinely funny guy and always has a classic story to tell. I think a night on the town with Bish would be hilarious. A good return to form after last week's slip. I can't wait for next week.

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