Monday, 2 August 2010

Greatest Cities Of The World - Hong Kong

Griff Rhys Jones' series explores some fantastic cities over the course of 24 hours and this week it was Hong Kong. What an amazing city. It's so ultra modern, yet steeped in tradition.

Until 12 years ago it was still under British rule, but it is now back in Chinese control. The small city is stacked with huge high rises and sky scrapers that glitter and shine with bright lights in the dark night sky. There are more millions per square mile than anywhere else on earth and a huge player in the worlds financial markets. Yet, even the most expensive sky scrapers designed by world renowned architects have to consult feng shui masters to ensure that the building has good energy according to the ancient Chinese practice.

Hong Kong looks such an amazing and diverse city that despite it's lack of size it looks likely could keep you busy for longer than you think. I'd jump on a plane tomorrow if the opportunity arose, but with it being one of the most expensive cities on the planet I doubt my pennies would get me far.

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