Tuesday, 17 August 2010

John Bishop's Britain

Last Saturday Bish had a unique look at work with the input of celebrities and normal people as well as aided by sketches.

I'm a massive fan of Bish and I think his new show is fantastic at times. It's had it's weak points, but overall I really like it. He began Saturday with the story of the time he sat his kids down to tell them that he had been promoted to a Sales and Marketing Director at a pharmaceutical company. Once Bish had finished his proud announcement his middle lad belted out that Billy's Dad drove a digger and the other two were well impressed. Bish continued that he sat him down with a powerpoint presentation, but still nothing. A nice story with a good little gag on the end.

The next big story that followed was Bish's story of the time he was selling Kirby cleaners in a cult like group of middle aged men who sang 'we sell Kirby cleaners' every morning. The accompanying sketch of a young Bish in 80's clothes and surrounded by the oddest selection of men I've ever seen throwing their negative energy out of their window is hilarious.

Then followers another hilarious story of Bish having an interview for a job at the Adelphi tea rooms and losing the change from his last fiver because he didn't want to pick it up and show the guy interviewing him that his borrowed suit doesn't fit. Either Bish is very very good at making up stories or he has had one absolutely hilarious life. either way I'm sure he would be awesome to have a beer with.

As with every week Bish has a selection of some of the countries oddest people to share their experiences by video. One of which likes to put a sticker on an elderly employee's back saying 'I like muff'.

I shall defo be tuning in, or Sky Plussing it, next week.

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