Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Shooting Stars - Last In The Series!!!!!!!

I was absolutely gutted to find out that tonight's Shooting Stars is the last episode in the series. Tonight Vic and Bob were joined by Louie Spence and Paloma Faith on Jack Dee's team plus James may and James Buckley on Ulrika Jonsson's team. They were joined, as always, by the oddly entertaining score keeper Angelos. Cue random hilarity!

Ulrika-ka-ka she's a Swedish OAP,
Ulrika-ka-ka when she laughs she has a wee.

Jack, with your face like a soft boiled fart.
Jack with your face like a new born kitten with a winning pools coupon.
Jack with your face like a two shilling hand job.

Unfortunately the show didn't end on a high and it wasn't a classic packed with jokes. However, the winner's challenge saw james may have lay underneath a topless tramp and endure having the tramp's beard rubbed in his face in oder to win a length of rope - which made me laugh.

I think I'm going to miss Shooting Stars. No, I'm definitely going to miss Shooting Stars.

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