Thursday, 12 August 2010

From Paris With Love

I thought I would lay back and watch a movie before I hit the sack and so I chose From Paris With Love off of Sky Box Office. This is quite possibly the worst and most pointless film I have seen since....... Taken. Another Luc Besson film. He created the story for From Paris With Love and produced both.

From Paris With Love, just like Taken, has absolutely no point or integrity to it. The story just sets up a series of pointless and ultra violent events that see the main characters, Rhys (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers) and Wax (John Travolta) shoot everyone and everything that moves within their sight. So many incidents that occur just so happen to be massively coincidental and lead them to something or someone they are after. Travolta just shouts and shoots - literally that is it. It is ridiculous.

The story is chocked full of cheese from start to finish and the majority of it, even the the character development, is implausible. Really - how do these films get made? I thought Luc Besson was an integral filmmaker? Leon, The Fifth Element and Angel-A were all good films and he's been involved in some great productions in some way, shape or form, but From Paris With Love and Taken are horrific.

The ultra violence is glorified in both films yet they do not seem to come under scrutiny from the same people who scorned Micheal Winterbottom's The Killer Inside Me. I haven't seen Winterbottom's film, but from what I have read the violence is bone chilling. Winterbottom shows violence as it really is - shocking, sickening and of all things violent, but his film was received with disgust and some classed it as glorification of violence. Yet as Travolta guns through body after body with no remorse and a thumping sound track no one batters an eye lid? It doesn't seem to make sense to me.

Mr Besson has gone in my estimations.

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