Monday, 2 August 2010

Top Gear - the final episode

Another series of Top Gear has been and gone - cue the several series DVDs a d at least one from each presenter.

The show finished last night with a nostalgic look at British sports cars and it was clear why the British car industry has gone down the pan. As Clarkson, Hammond and May willed on their British sports cars get did everything they could to keep bits from falling off them.

Last nights star in a reasonay priced car was Jeff Goldblum who is apparent tight as a ducks back passage. He was given a free mercedes in the early nineties and still uses it as his main mode of transportation despite earning a several million bucks since then. Buy a Ferrari you tight git.

The series finished with the three stooges agreeing that each of their british sports cars were as good as one and other and that was it. In my opinion it seemed a bit of anti climax to the series and it may have been better ending last week.

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