Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Filmmaking Update

After doing a good job of 1st Ading 'On A Knife Edge' last week I was offered the chance to 1st AD a music video on Thursday, but have agreed to work my day job that day due to the store manager and assistant manager being away leaving me to look after the shop. I'm gutted because it's pretty much the same crew I shot with last week and I enjoyed it. The band look pretty promising also.

I was also offered the chance to 1st AD another masters student film in September and I'm due to discuss the details with the director.

I am also very looking forward to shooting my first music video for Dirty Goods on Sunday. It's a narrative story with the music video over the top of it. There's a simple and funny little story running through it and I think it's going to make a great music video. Due to it's extended length though we will probably be shooting it in two parts leaving the easier to shoot interior parts for sometime next week.

I was disappointed to find out the producer of Sunday's video hasn't done anything in the build up and I had to sort the cast and crew myself yesterday, but we are still shooting and on track for a good day.

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