Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Dragon's Den

Dragon's Den returned for a new series this evening and due to their being sod all else on I decided to have a gander. I enjoyed it. It's like Britain's Got Talent for those with a brain. You get some genuinely intelligent people with some great ideas trying to secure funding for their company and products. Like BGT it does have the odd idiot who hasn't got a clue, but rather than see a toothless dole bum who thinks he sounds like George Michael, you get a business person who has t thought their product through. The Dragons can also be as scathing as Simon Cowell and his cronies with their blunt assessment of some aspiring entrepreneurs. The main difference between the show is that you don't have look at Amanda Holden's rubber face and the Dragons have a slightly more sophisticated way of letting the wanna be's down than a large red cross.

Dragon's Den does also have the odd gem. One person was very successful this evening with her frozen dessert product and her touching back story. I admire her work ethic, drive and her product immensely. I wish her all the best. However, I couldn't help but expect Ant and Dec to come out and give her a slow motion hug whilst an inspiring Take That track plays triumphantly.

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