Tuesday, 27 July 2010

John Bishop's Britain

I am a massive fan of Bish and was over the moon to see he had his own show on prime time TV. The show itself is a strange mix of sketches, interviews with real life people and Bish linking it all together with a bit of stand up and presenting in between. The format was a little strange at first, but the hilarity of it made sure it was easy enough to adapt to.

The first week’s subject was love and marriage with Bish's own story of splitting up with his wife, getting into comedy and through that getting his wife back. Using facts and research as well as interviews with others he discussed the topic with his typical wit and the show seemed to have a point rather than just gag after gag. With Bish discussing his own personal life quite frankly and delving into the personal lives of members of the public the show has a genuinely personal touch to it. Instead of the usual format of the comedian reeling off jokes as he ridicules all around him it was refreshing to see a different approach to comedy. The show seems like a look at the quirky side of everyday life and how surreal real life can be.

One of my favourite lines came when he talked of the night he was on stage performing when his Ex was watching. He came off stage, approached her at the bar and asked her why she was there. She told him he looked like the man she used to know, he had a spring in his step and a sparkle in his eye. She then asked what happened to that man. Bish replied ‘I married you’. Beautiful. He does state he his now back with his wife and it was comedy that brought them back together and he will always be grateful.

John bishop’s Britain is a comedy show with a gentle difference and I'm looking forward to the next instalment.

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