Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Rich Hall's The Dirty South

Oh yeah. I forgot.... now the footy has finished I was going to blog on all the TV and films I watch.

Rich Hall's typically cynical dry wit entertained as always and his unique take on the history of the Southern States of the USA was quite informative, although probably not entirely true. Hall took us through the many changes that the South has seen in it's history and referenced how those changes were reflected in Hollywood. Hall, as always, manages sound moody, look like he doesn't want to be there and rants about his chosen subject. And it's great. I enjoyed the informative nature of the show and Hall's dry delivery. He's like the miserable bloke in the pub who moans all day, but has everyone else in stitches. I learnt a few nuggets of info, that admittedly I cannot remember now, whilst tittering away and the program failed to be dull at one point. Hall is hilarious from start to finish and delivers one of the most entertaining history lessons you are likely to get. I'd imagine that it's available still on the IPlayer and well worth a butcher's.

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