Sunday, 25 July 2010

Moto GP

Laguna Seca is my favourite race circuit with the most famous and terrifying corner in motor sport - the corkscrew. Today's race wasn't the most thrilling this season and not a patch on 2008's outing, but worth the watch none the less.

Lorenzo breezed to another win and extended his title charge after his nearest rival and the race leader, Danny Pedrosa, dumped his Honda in the gravel trap.

However, it seems that no matter who wins and in whatever style they do so it's never enough to get the race headlines. Valentine Rossi steals the show again with a third place finish despite it being only 7 weeks after he suffered a compound fracture in Italy. As well as struggling with his leg he is still recovering from a shoulder injury. Rossi is just in a league of his own as always and continues to astound audiences.

Lorenzo edges closure to his first world championship with a 72 point lead as Moto GP takes a three week break before resuming in Brno.

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