Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The UK Film Council Abolition

As an aspiring filmmaker I was very sad to learn that the UK Film Council will be abolished. In the UK we do not have a great film industry and things will now be even more difficult without the film council. They pumped £15 million per year into British films and without that money it will be even more difficult to get funding.

However, I'm not entirely sure that every penny spent was done so wisely. I've seen several UK Film Council and other smaller subsidary film council's projects that have been laughable and a complete waste of money. It may become more difficult to gain funding in future, but maybe money will only find it's ways to filmmakers who are capable and into films that are commendable.

Tough times may indeed be ahead, but thse with talent shall prevail I feel. Those filmmakers who work their arses off, are committed, driven and truly have talent shall succeed. And I'm doing my best to ensure I am one of the few.

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