Sunday, 18 July 2010

Top Gear

Nothing better on a Sunday evening than a bit of grub and Top Gear. And tonight's show was a beauty. I was howling with laughter at the motor homes they built and their trip to Cornwall. If I had the choice of the three motor homes I think I would have Clarkson's. There's nothing worse than the utter lack of space when camping and so that rules out May's shoe box. The other thing that ruins a camping holiday is being wet, cold and subject to the elements - so that rules out Hammond's monstrosity. Clarkson's, although dangerous to drive, had space and an element of comfort, but i think i'd swap the hammock for a proper bed. It would probably be advantageous to tie it down too so it doesn't flip over in the wind.

The Top Gear team always know to tickle their audience even if it does feel staged at times. Top Gear is the perfect blend of informative motoring, fantasy cars and comedy capers. You learn a little, drool a little and wet yourself laughing quite a lot. It must be said that presenting Top gear looks like the perfect job. You get to drive fast cars, travel, meet celebrities, have a laugh and make a shed load of money too. I wonder if they are taking applications.

I can't wait for next week's show.

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