Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Top Gear

The new searies of Top Gear rolled on with an Aryton Senna special as well as Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz being the stars in a reasonably priced car.

This week’s episode was not as laugh out loud funny as last weeks', but is wasn’t all the worse for it. This week’s touching look back over the career of Formula One great was tear jerking and awe inspiring. Racing drivers of past and present relived their memories of Senna with Martin Brundle analysing his racing style, Schumacher stating Senna was better then himself and Lewis Hamilton stating Senna was his hero and as a 9 year old boy he cried behind his trailer when hearing of his death.

I remember Senna when I was younger, but I was never his biggest fan as his main rival was the Brit Nigel Mansell. But this film showed me the side of Senna I had forget. He once stopped his car and dived out to help a fellow driver who had crashed and he helped a lot charities in his home country of Brazil. On the flip side his racing style was to stick his nose into the area of the corner his opponents were hoping to use in order to see if they would carry on or pull out. If they stopped and let him have it he had the pyschological edge on them, if they didn’t he was willing to risk the race and keep his car in your way. He was a man with two completely opposite sides that created one fantastic racing driver.

Also in the episode Lewis Hamilton got to drive Senna's Mclaren that Clarkson claimed was ‘the last of the turbo charged monsters’ and Hamilton looked like a kid on christmas morning unwrapping his first pushbike. Hamilton grinned like a chesire cat and stated that he had just achieved one of his life's ambitions.

Cruise and Diaz then tried to become the fastest star in a reasonably priced car. Diaz first was quick and full of profanities as she muscled her way to the top of the leader board. However, she was over shadowed by Cruise who took Gambon’s corner on two wheels to dethrone Diaz from top spot. Clarkson even looked humbled to be in their presence. Not a sight often seen.

I look forward to next week’s instalment.

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