Thursday, 22 July 2010

Productive Tutorial On My Very Mini Holiday

I had a mini holiday yesterday. I dived in the car for a trip up the M4 to Egham, Surrey for a tutorial with Adam Ganz at Royal Holloway. It was raining when I left Wales and beautiful sunshine when I arrived in Surrey.

My tutorial was very productive and Adam has given some very interesting things to think about and I'm itching to get writing an episode of my TV serial.

Then I dived in the car and drove back leaving the sunshine behind me. When I reached the Severn Bridge and the gateway to Wales huge dark clouds loomed over the Bristol Channel. No sooner had my wheels touched the bridge the heavens opened and visability was down to zero. Don't you just love Welsh weather!

I need a holiday. Some where warm, sunny and with a nice sandy beach and cheap beer.

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