Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Piers Morgan On.... Hollywood

I'm a massive fan of travel programmes, especially if they have a celebrity presenting them. I also like Piers Morgan as I enjoy his writing and interview style. His series of travelogues broadcast on ITV earlier in the year was a hit with me, but I didn't manage to catch ever episode. When I saw that his take on Hollywood was being shown this evening I knew I had to watch.

Piers took a look around the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and spoke to several Brits that have made it big, plus one or two who haven't. The show was never going to be a gritty look at Hollywood and Piers in typical fashion concentrated on the lighter side of life. Having lunch with the Osbournes, discussing the cost of Sharon's plastic surgery and catching up with Matt Goss were spliced together with Piers driving around in a convertible Aston Martin as he discussed in a voice over the success of the British invasion.

As an aspiring filmmaker Hollywood is the Holy Grail and Piers only reinforced my desires. With vita shots of the Hollywood hills as well as wandering around multi million pound houses on the Malibu beachfront my mouth slipped open and eyes widened. That is where I want to be. Piers gives a sugar coated tour of the filmmaking capital of the Western world, but it was enough for me.

The show wasn't exactly thought provoking or ground breaking in any way shape or form, but watching Piers' ego mingling with Hollywood jet set types was a nice bit of mind numbing TV. I wonder what others I missed in the series?

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