Thursday, 22 July 2010

You Have Been Watching

I'm currently led on my settee watching this weeks You Have Been Watching. Charlie Brooker's series this week looks at childrens tv with Mark Watson, Chris Addison and Holly Walsh on the panel. Brooker's approach this week is as dry and close to the bone as ever and he states in his typical wit that he wasn't taught songs as a child and now when he is happy and he knows it he doesn't know what to do. He continues by asking if someone will explain to him how a bus moves. That pretty much sets the tone of the show in no uncertain terms.

One of the shows Brooker and his panel watch is a South Korean show where a dog poo learns that if he melts into a plant he can become a part of the flower and help a flower blossom. The doo pop is also subject to racism from a cow poo. Is this really what they teach their children in Korea???

Brooker later likens Hannah Montana to Nazi architecture. The show continues in same vain as Brooker spits his comments out with his usual venom. The panel pitch in and seems that not one of them has enjoyed anything they have watched. Which makes it all the funnier.

Towards the end of the show Brooker even snogs a puppet! If nothing else this weeks show has proven that there are some unbelievably surreal childrens tv out there. And Brooker can make anything funny, even if you know it shouldn't be.

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