Monday, 12 July 2010

Have You Missed Me?

Apologies. I've been out in the sticks of West Yorkshire for the last week for a Uni retreat and I don't think they've discovered broadband yet.

Anyway..... watched some footy, ripped up the second draft of my TV Serial script and started again, met a Dutchman and smoked a massive cigar, hurt my neck, got bored, had no tv, played football manager on my Iphone loads and then drove home. I did have a script feedback meeting with the head of development at Red Productions who seems to be keen on the Tv serial I am developing for Uni so fingers crossed when it's done she may want to try and take it into production.

I got home Saturday, drank too much, was ill all day Sunday, watched the World Cup FInal with a pizza. I wanted the Dutch to win, but they never. But then they didn't deserve it. They went about the game the wrong away and tried to bully their way to a win. A shame for a team with some fabulous players.

Since I;ve been back I've hurt my neck again and got an appointment at the doctors tomorrow and had four different meetings today.

I'm first Ading two Ma films and so met the directors of both, me and Matt met David about the bird film I'm writing and directing and we have decided to simplify the story again - but had some disagreements on how. Me and Matt also met the Dirty Goods manager, Grant, and discussed making some viral videos, docs and music videos for the band. Looks like there is going to be a lot of stuff happening for me over the rest of this year and hopefully big things are on the horizon.

Watch this space.

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