Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Apple Iphone 4 - I Must Have!

WOW! The new IPhone 4 has been launched by Apple. And it looks phenomenal. As soon as one arrives on a delivery to my store I shall be ripping the box apart with loud shouts of 'MINE!' and 'GET AWAY'.

I must admit I love Apple. I always wanted an Apple computer when I was in school purely for it's looks, but they were always way too pricey for a school kid. When I started my film degree aged 21 I had a crappy Packard Bell laptop with less memory than a cheap pay and go phone. In my second year I decided to splash out on a HP laptop which I thought was amazing. But, I still had an eye on an Apple. The HP bit the dust just over 12 months down the line despite not having any viruses and it being looked after. The thing became as usual as a paper weight. And a bloody expensive one. I eventually sold it to a family member for peanuts and still felt guilty.

So the time came. I wanted an Apple. But, I didn't know how to use one. Would it be easy? Could I make the change? I wasn't sure. I talked to other users, tried out the demo MacBook in PC World about fifty times and bothered the salesmen (who knew sod all) with as many questions as I could. Then I thought sod it. Hunter S. Thompson always said 'Buy the ticket, take the ride'. Great advice for any situation in my opinion. Life is for living. Take risks. Live. Admittedly this wasn't going to be a life changing decision. Or was it?

When my new black MacBook arrived it was beautiful, sleek and stylish. Just as they have always been. Tick that box. Then came the time to try it. The menus were a little different and it took some time to navigate, but I soon got the hang of it. I couldn't believe how easy it was to use. The one thing I hate about PCs is the amount of absolutely useless options that I could not care less about. I don't want to fiddle with the running of the damn thing I just want it to work.

Now, two years and two MacBooks down the line I love it. My MacBook is my prize possession. If my house caught fire during the night with my family all inside I would grab my MacBook, get the hell our of there and then email my family to let them know the house was on fire. I love it that much.

Not long after being converted tot he MacBook I was then converted to the IPhone. Again, it's ease of use and sleek design combined with it's lack of useless options sold it for me. I've graduated from the 16GB 3G to the 16GB 3GS and now I want the IPhone 4. And I want it now. If it was purely just a new shape and slightly better camera I would be in there like swim wear for a new one, but it looks to do so much more. Video calling looks fantastic, it runs quicker, battery last longer and you can have multiple applications running at the same time. Apple have listened to the feedback on the previous model and addressed the issues. You may think that is common sense, but after working in the mobile phone industry for 5 years I can assure you that common sense is rare.

I cannot wait for the IPhone 4's release, especially as the replacement IPhone I have received from the mobile phone retailer I work for has a battery that cannot be bothered to last the day. On top of that it freezes momentarily whilst surfing the internet, and frequent enough to drive me nuts. My first and only Apple issue and I solely blame the mobile phone retailer who sent me the duff replacement.

Me and Apple were meant to be. I hate loads of stupid techy options and Apple doesn't give me any. A match made in electronic heaven. I love you Apple.

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