Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Jon Lilygreen Interview

Last night Scratched Print caught up with Jon Lilygreen for the interview we needed to finish his promo video. Fair play to him he doesn't seem to fazed by anything, but then I suppose being asked questions by me on the roof terrace in Kama Lounge probably isn't on the same level as being live on stage in front of 60 million people at the Eurovision Song Contest.

I spent an hour talking to Jon about himself, Eurovision, his music and a few other random topics that we side tracked onto. He came across as an energetic and enthusiastic young man with the right intentions at heart. It was refreshing to speak to a young man with so much talent and who had recently played live to 60 million people talk about his father and step-father being heroes of his. He went on to say that he just wants to play music to as wide an audience as possible and for as long as possible when I quizzed him on his long terms ambitions. Not once did he mention money, fame, success or a getting a number one hit. he genuinely just wants to make good music and make people dance. I wish him all the luck in the world as he is genuine bloke and I'm glad we have been able to support him.We got some great stuff Jon and I really enjoyed interviewing him. I could get used to this.

After the interview and once we had packed up we had a meeting with Jon's manager, David, about another video we are making for him - a short film idea he has. The project seems very promising and I'm confident we will have a good little film from it.

As people dispersed and headed home myself and Matt stayed chatting with David and May from Newport City Radio's Film Show (Sunday's 6pm til 7pm). We discussed a variety of topics and it was an enjoyable evening. The one thing that had me thinking was that May thinks she maybe heading back to India this year and so there could be a a spot on the film show becoming available. I think I may just throw my hat in the ring for that. If we could make it a Scratched Print Productions Film Show it would look pretty good on the old curriculum vitae.

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