Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Scratched Print Productions is all go!

After another mind numbing day of mobile phone sales I headed to pick Matt up for a meeting. We met with David the manager of a few artists from Newport after he took our details at the Newport County Music Festival on Sunday. One of his artists is Jon Lilygreen who was the Cypriot entry for the Eurovision song contest. John is playing in the Kama Lounge tomorrow and David wanted us to film it. We've decided on a few cameras to capture Jo and a few artists as they play live acoustically, to also grab interviews with all the artists and then meet up with Jon some time next week to follow him about for a day and catch him practicing before we get a laid back interview with him somewhere. It should be a good little film and hopefully it will get some attention with Jon's profile having been raised quite significantly in the last week or so. I'm looking forward to the job.

Glad I'm not sifting through thirty hours of footage for the Newport COunty Music Festival like Matt. Especially as he has to edit this one too. Ha ha.

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