Monday, 14 June 2010

The Flying Dutchmen

The might orange army march on after a slow start against Denmark. I've got a few quid on Holland to win the World Cup after their almost faultless qualification and the number of qualities players in their possession. Today wasn't there best game though. They passed the ball well, shifted it with short, sharp passes, but never really did anything with it. They just lacked that killer instinct at times, but as the game got on they looked better. Bare in mind this was probably their hardest game in a fairly easy group. Hopefully, they will kick on from this and begin to build the momentum to take them all the way. In my opinion when they pass the ball they are beautiful. Everyone knows what they are doing, they know how to shift it, make the opposition chase it and they play as a unit. Denmark at times wouldn't get near them.

Sneijder is one of the bet players in the world at the moment and was instrumental in Inter Milan wining everything this season. Van Persie can score goals. Van Der Vaart, Van Bommel and Kuyt are not shabby either. Today they were also without Robben. A little more rest for him and when he's ready I think he will run riot against defences. Another player who has had a good season.

The main issue with the Dutch is their defence isn't as strong as it has been in the past and people are concerned that they will leak goals. I personally think that if they can pass the ball as well as they can the opposition won't have the chance to score. No matter way to defend than by keeping the ball. I have high hopes for them.

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