Monday, 28 June 2010

The England Autopsy

Wow. What a shocker. England have not looked good at any one point during this World Cup and against Germany they were made to look pathetic. Some of these England players are regarded amongst the best in the world, but could only manage an average performance against Slovenia - who with no disrespect are not going to win it.

I don't know whether Capello's lack of English, players being played out of position or the pressure of England expecting was to blame for such average performances, but I'm sure they didn't help. those players need to go away and have a good, long and hard think about why they are professional footballers. Is it money? Fame? Celebrity? if it is they need to hang up their boots and become pop stars, film stars or TV presenters. If they became professional footballers because the thrill of having the ball at their feat and the ability to create something beautiful with that ball kept them up at night dreaming of playing for their club and country then they need to find out where that went wrong. Why they don't play with the same passion, desire and hunger that they did as children fighting to make their dreams reality. Over the last week they had the chance to make every small child, every aging fan and every footballer's dream come true for themselves and lift the World Cup. But.... instead they didn't turn up, didn't perform and didn't come close to making the dreams of a nation come true.

Was this England's last chance at winning the World Cup in this generation? Possibly. Are there enough top quality players coming through the English youth systems to fill the next plane to the World Cup? It doesn't look like it. England now need to accept that they are not one of the 'big' footballing nations. It's difficult to see where or when England's next big opportunity to win a major tournament will come. Maybe this is the end of the hopes of a massively under achieved footballing nation. Instead of thinking that maybe they can win the next tournament they should just hope to get out of the group stages and anything more is a great job well done. Not even the most positive mind can see light at the end of this long, dark and uninspiring tunnel.

RIP - England's quest for a second World Cup.
1967 - 2010

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