Sunday, 13 June 2010

Oh Yeah!

Forgot to mention that my first article has been published on

My series of articles are titled the same as the blog 'The Frustrated Ramblings Of An Aspiring Filmmaker' and each individual article has it's own title. The first one is 'Original Voice' and I discuss the originality of names, story telling and styles as well as how i try and separate myself from the crowd. It's my personal take on making a name for yourself in the film industry. And I think it's quite good. Have a read.

My next one is going to be a rant on the poor writing and storytelling of Lost. I've started a facebook group entitled, 'I'm sorry, but you've Lost me? and I'm going to use the rants that people have left on there as well as my own to highlight the flaws in the show. People have posted links to other people's rants and views on the group and I've Sky Plussed the two part special on Sky One that apparently explains things and interviews the cast and creators to see if that sheds any light on things.

Hopefully I'll be starting that this week and finishing it next.

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