Friday, 18 June 2010

Hot And Bothered

I spent all day yesterday in a room with no windows and shared thick, warm and stale air with 27 other managers. The meeting was not enjoyable, especially as I am waiting for the RGM to replace me. I didn't need to be there. I didn't achieve anything by being there. I watched the Argentina game on my IPhone for a bit and that was as productive as it got. By the time it was over I was bathed in sweat.

I got home, walked the dog, dived in the bath and then had to head down to Cardiff for a script meeting. I filmmaker who I met a month or so ago contacted me about writing a feature film for him. The idea he sent me wasn't great and it needs to be ready for shooting by the end of July. It is a tall order, but when I went to meet him yesterday and I expressed my issues with it at present and we discussed possible directions for it. Emmanuel was quite happy with my suggestions and so I offered to go away and get a four page treatment done for him and take it from there. I think we have a good idea now. My only concern is that the timescale is very, very short.

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