Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Job Offers Coming In Thick And Fast

Wow. Had a meeting last night with an MA Film student from Newport University about a 1st AD job on her final film. The idea seems really interesting and it looks like it's going to be a good production. Can't wait. The writer/director is also the DOP on another MA final film and I've been sent that script too with the view to me 1st ADing it. I was in talks with another MA Film student from Newport a few months back, but had heard that he had found another 1st AD, but now I hear it hasn't worked out. Hopefully, I'll get that as well. On top of shooting the short film about the bird for the financier and 1st ADing Matt's music video for The Calling Card it should be a productive summer.

Also - I've been sent a short film that someone wants me to look at developing into a feature. Tricky thing to do as a ten page script needs a hell of a lot of development to get it to 90 pages. But... I'll have a go.

My meeting today about the bird film went well tonight too and we I discussed some good points with the financier and I'm looking forward to giving it another look over and taking it to the next draft.

With tomorrow being my last day as a manager at the mobile phone retailer who currently abuses my time I need to start making as much money through film as I can.

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