Monday, 14 June 2010

Jon Lilygreen - Part Two Prep

Now I've watched one of my favorite teams I can get on with a few things. This evening Scratched Print are getting interviews with Jon Lilygreen and some of the other artists that he performed with in Kama Lounge the other week to add to the promo video we are creating for him. I need to go over my questions and re-read my research before I interview him, but I have a good idea of what I want to get from them.

Still a few hours to go yet though, so I'm going to read a feature film script written by Mark, my university writing partner, this afternoon and send him my feedback. I read an old TV script of this morning and liked the idea, but think it needs redevelopment. It seemed a little scruffy compared to his usual stuff, but then it is a few years old I believe. It's amazing how your writing evolves and progresses. I've dug out a few of my old scripts and cringed as I've read them. I'm looking forward to reading Mark's film script as it's a very interesting idea and he's got a great writing style.

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