Thursday, 24 June 2010

IPhone 4 - Phenomenal

This should be a blog that gloats and glows full of praise for the phenomenal new iphone and all its wonderous new gadgets. But it isn’t. Not because the phone isn’t phenomenal. I wouldn’t know. I ahvent got one.

The mobile phone retailer I work for are stocking the iphone 4 and so I decided not to attempt to pre order anything from o2 because I would have the first phone off the shelf in my own store. Then Tuesday I was informed that my store wasn’t big enough and that I wouldn’t be getting stock. Fine. A good friend is the manager of a huge store in Cardiff centre so I called him. He obliged and kept one aside for me. Problem sorted. Then at 7.45 last night the powers that be in head office emailed all managers to state that due to their being a lack of stock all phones would be used for customers and were not available to employees. Balls. So I decided to get out of bed early – despite hardly any sleep due to a trapped nerve in my back – and get my ass down to o2 in Newport. When I arrived at 7.30 there were about 60 ppl ahead of me, but they assured us they had stock. I waiting until 9, after they opened at 8, and still only about 10 ppl had been served due to their systems running slow. By my calculations that would have meant I would have gotten served around 2pm. I wants standing around for that long and I had to go to work. I was late and so we opened late, and I had no IPhone 4. As I have already traded in my 3gs I am now phoneless altogether.

Thanks for looking out for the ppl who make you all ur money u c**ts.

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