Sunday, 20 June 2010

I Hate Saturdays

I do indeed hate Saturdays. When everyone else is having a day off, wandering through the city centre, sat in a beer garden or heading to the beach I'm watching the world pass by through a huge window littered with mobile phone adverts. Work on a Saturday sucks. Big time! Especially is the weather is good because 1. you know you could be doing something better, and 2. nobody wants to buy a mobile phone when they can be enjoying the weather. I spent yesterday chomping at the bit and ready to sell. But, it's difficult to sell to an empty shop.

Two weeks left and then I have a fortnights holiday. After the holiday I'l be working part time and only three days a week. Thank God! I can then spend my time writing. I'll be poor, but I'll be writing. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices if we want to achieve our goals.

On a brighter note - the Dutch have won again. Germany looked good in game 1, but lost game 2. Spain lost game 1. England aren't worth mentioning. But the Dutch have back to back wins. And without one of their most deadly players in Arjen Robben. As much as I hate him, you have to admit we can terrify defences and create chances. Also - Wes Sneijder linked with Man Utd!!!! If we only buy one player this summer it has to be him. If we don't get him I think we need another attacking midfielder and a striker. Sneijder is the best midfield playmaker on the planet right now and in my opinion the only player who replace Paul Scholes. I shall follow this rumor with my fingers crossed.

Now I'm going to get some breakfast in me and get off to work. Yay. I've only got a million other things I could be doing.

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