Sunday, 6 June 2010

Soccer Aid - Tidy Bit Of Entertainment I Suppose

Soccer Aid hasn't long finished and I must say I enjoyed it. Not often you see Zinedine Zidane get tackled by a GMTV presenter!

It was a tidy bit of entertainment for a Sunday evening as I threw a chinese into my gob. ZZ has still got the touch and looked quality at times, but it defo looked like he was holding back. Gordon Ramsey was throwing himself about and proving his football is as foul as his language.

I still can't believe Jamie Theakston made three world class saves during the game then couldn't save four penalties that went straight down the middle - two of them from Yanks Mike Myers and Woody Harelson. Some of the worst penalties Ive ever seen took the shine of a good game as they dragged on a bit. I know the penalty takers weren't pros, but some of them where horrific. Theakston's was possibly the worst and Im still unsure as to how he didnt dislocate his hip taking it.

But it's all for a good cause I suppose.

I wonder how much it would cost an average Joe to get in that team. I think if you offered to give £20,000 to Unicef you could get a kick about. Imagine telling your Grandkids that you played for a Rest of the World side with Giggs, Zidane, Figo and Mike Myers against and England team with the SAS (shearer and Sheringham) upfront and a range of daytime TV Presenters in their back four. I suppose when the ball drops at your feat and you see an opposition player hurtling towards you your brain needs to think fast - is it a pro or a celeb? You look up - it's Robbie Williams. Skin him! But, if it's Martin Keown. Run! The same would go for passing to people in the penalty area. You've just skinned Robbie Williams and poked him in his flabby gut as he gracefully skip passed him. You're intot he penalty area. A defender is baring down on you. It's Ben Sheppard looking buff. But.... you see a blue shirt in the corner of your eye. Who is it? If it's ZZ - you pass. No questions asked. No. It's Joe Calzaghe. Balls. I'm gonna have to try and skin Sheppard. Lol.

Worth the money I say. Where do I sign up? No, hang on! Where do I get £20,000 first? Best start saving.

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