Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A Productive Day

Today hasn't been too bad. Got up popped to work, then decided to change my day off from Friday to today as my back was still sore and went home. Had a nice stroll with the dog and some breakfast, watched the Chile and Honduras game then knuckled down for some work. I managed to plough through TV serial script and get a tidy draft out of it whilst keeping one eye on the Spain game.

And just to mention - everyone has been banging on about Spain and they didn't look too clever. Couldn't even get a point. Which means that England are in a better position than them after one game. Maybe the media will stop licking Spain's anal cavity now and give England some credit. Probably not though.

So... I've got a decent draft and I'm quite happy with it. The tone seems good, story works, about the right number of pages and the characters all feel like they add something different to the script. Very productive.

I managed a good session in the gym then tea time and now I've had a bath I'm relaxing on the settee watching the South Africa vs Uruguay game. Seems that both teams are going for it a little more than in game day 1. Hopefully this will be the norm for all the teams and now they've got the first game out of the way they will all want to go for it. But, saying that - still only one goal in this game so far. Not amazing.

I'm going to watch this and then proof read my script ready to upload onto the Uni website for my fellow Masters students to read and feedback then get an early night.

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