Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Finally Managed To Get Lost

This morning I finally managed to get around to starting my Lost article/rant. I watched ten minutes of the Sky One two part special - Lost: The Final Journey and decided that life was too short for two of the producers basically masturbating over their own creation as the most boring narrator on the planet summarizes the plot. I decided to check Lost fan sites and found some fairly interesting stuff, but most of it was people praising it despite it's many, many, many flaws. The most interesting and straight to the point lost summary was on a website called college humor where they flash through clips of Lost whilst a narrator asks all the questions that where left unanswered. And there were loads. I'm hoping to get the article finished and up on flickeringmyth next week.

Also - i shall soon be writing for a new film related website based in Cardiff called Radia. I'll keep you posted.

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