Thursday, 10 June 2010

Decisions Decisions

As I was gearing myself towards going part time and spending all my time writing and making films a proverbial spanner lands in the works. I've been offered the opportunity to apply for a job in head office - London. The job is full time Mon to Fri 9 - 6 and pays a decent wage. It means I wouldn't be able to make as many films, but with less distractions living in London on my own I'd no doubt spend my spare time writing. It does mean I have made the leap to the big smoke and can then apply for full time media jobs in the city, but means doing less work for Scratched Print. it also offers the chance to prove my worth in head office and climb the ladder to bigger wages and better jobs. But, is that really what I want to do?

The job is designing store plans and layouts to ensure the right merchandise is in the right place to maximise profits etc blah blah blah.

Move to London and afford to live, but not have time to make films.


Stay in Newport and be poor, but make loads of films and write lots of scripts.

????????? Decisions decisions decisions?

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