Sunday, 13 June 2010

Weekend Summary

A mixed bag of a weekend to be sure. I spent all morning tucked away in the library working on my Tv serial episode for university, and it's getting better. Still feels a little cheesy and the tone needs to be a little more serious, but it's shaping up slowly, but surely. Lunch time I watched the South Korea vs Greece game, which wasn't great. What a waste of a long haul flight and a load of hotel rooms. The greeks could've stayed home and gave away their flights and hotel to fans who truly wanted to be there, because they didn't. After watching that display I poked myself in the eyes a few times to try and erase the vision of the Greeks moping around, then went to the gym. I followed that with a bath and a bit of grub, obviously not together, and watched the Argies. I thought they were a little lacking and looked tired, but they scraped a win.

Then came the evening and it was out to watch the England game. When Stevie G poked it home after 7 minutes I thought it would be game over and maybe I'd win a few bucks. I had some money on 2 - 0 and 3 - 0 wins for England, but Green saw to it that those bets were wasted. What an arse! He could not of made a bigger mess of that if he had tried, and it ruined moral in my opinion. England couldn't quite get into the swing of things. The gamble on King and Milner didn't pay off and I was quite disappointed that Fabio brought on SWP instead of Joe Cole. I think that Cole is one of the most talented players I've ever seen and could've really effected the game. SWP was like a glass hammer.

A few bevvies followed and the night probably went on too long and work was not enjoyable (as it ever is) as I spent all day sat at my desk trying not to fall asleep. After a long week of early mornings, the gym and work my body feels exhausted. I've just finished watching the Germans smash the Aussies and think they have been by far the most impressive team in the tournament so far. Great. The Germans are on form. That spells trouble for England.

All this World Cup football is awesome, but it's not helping my attempts to watch The Wire from season one all the way to the end. Never mind. It can wait. Only another four weeks left. Fantastic.

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