Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Not Having A Good Day So Far

I didn't feel well when I woke up this morning and so I walked the dog and then sat around browsing rubbish on my laptop. I watched the New Zealand and Slovakia game at lunch time and wished I hadn't both. Neither team were worth throwing a shoe at. Then I managed to flick through some of my 3 minute scripts I want to shoot this summer. Had a kip. Had some lunch. Watched the first half of the Ivory Coast and Portugal - pants. Then decided that a trip tot he gym would probably liven me up after I'd popped to Matt's. But... as I was getting changed I've some how managed to pull a hand full of muscles in the back of my rib cage. Now everytime I move or breath I get shooting pains that take my breath away. So... back on the settee, read a few short scripts and watched the second half of the IC and Portugal game - still pants.

The plan now is to have some food and head out to Chepstow to see my mucka Mr Stone and watch Brazil. Hopefully I wont die from back pain and Brazil will show the world how to play football. If not I may just drive off the Severn Bridge.

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